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Magic Fingers Hot Key Launcher

Magic Fingers Hot Key Launcher Easily launch your favorites using a single keystroke or with your mouse Launch files, folders, applications and URLs quickly using just a single customizable keystroke or use your mouse to click it from the tray menu.

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Falling Balls 2.14

This falling blocks game is a one player game of strategy. Along with the Ray-traced balls, there are Wild Cards, Bombs, and Gold Chests to make the game more interesting. Analyzing the playing field is more important than quick fingers, prevent the playing field from filling up. . As balls fall you must rotate and flip them into position so they form groups of the same color, the groups are then removed.

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Arctic Quest Game 3.0: Arctic Quest game is 1 of 400 Free Games you can download at Free Ride Games.
Arctic Quest Game 3.0

Arctic Quest game is one 400 free games you can download & find at Free Ride Games. With a wave of his icy fingers, the Snow King unleashed a bitter frost on the tropical islands across Earth. Palm trees iced over, fish were frozen solid in the seas and birds could no longer take flight. To safeguard his empire, the Snow King set up a palace on the edge of this arctic wasteland... Download the Arctic Quest game for free and enjoy your time.

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Ball Fall 2.0: Show how good you can control a falling ball.
Ball Fall 2.0

Ball Fall is a free online arcade game where you will be able to show how good you can control a falling ball. The ball is falling until it hits the ground. But the ground is moving towards the ceiling so you better find a hole in the ground to get on a bottom level. With each level the game gets faster and faster. Your fingers will sore and your nerves will suffer.

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Free Kylie Minogue Screensaver 3.0: Free Kylie Minogue Screensaver
Free Kylie Minogue Screensaver 3.0

Free Kylie Minogue Screensaver. You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of pop artists who’ve lasted more than a decade, let alone more than two! This amazing screensaver contains images of your favourite pop diva! Two decades later Kylie achieved the record for the most played female artist on UK radio over the last 20 years!

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Miracle Type - Learn to Type in one hour 9: Miracle Type is arguably the fastest Typing Tutor available today.
Miracle Type - Learn to Type in one hour 9

Miracle Type is arguably the fastest Typing Tutor available today. It will get you typing without looking at the keys in just one hour. The unique learning method is fast, effective and simple. Miracle Type uses keywords to link your fingers to the keys on the keyboard. All you have to do is remember 10 keywords and you have learnt the positions of all the alphabet keys, plus the comma and period (fullstop).

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AntiSpye 1.00: This free utility will hide your screen from undesirable eyes with mouse move.
AntiSpye 1.00

AntiSpye is an easy utility that helps you hiding your screen from undesirable eyes. No more mouse clicks, no more hard configurations from fingers to press simultaneous key combination! Simply move the mouse pointer to one of your screen corners and that is! Your screen will be covered by blank window, screensaver or even by one of screenshot with your work that you could make earlier.

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